COVID PLAN for the VCCC Version 4 (Current November 27th 2020)

1. There is currently a SHA imposed limit of 8 kids under 18 plus coaches allowed on the ice at one time.  Practices should not exceed 10 players and coaches. 

2. Masks are a requirement everywhere even on the ice for everyone.

3. Players should be encouraged to dress for practice at home or in the car and only enter the rink with enough time to put on their skates and helmet.   A coach can help with this. Please discourage parents from entering the dressing rooms to help dress their kid. If we have a few parents that need to help their kid get dressed they can.   

4. Players can enter the building and enter a dressing room directly 20 mins before their Ice time.  Using hand sanitizer on the way in and out is mandatory.

5. Players need to exit the dressing rooms 20 minutes after their ice time is over or ASAP.

6. Dressing rooms are assigned in two groups directly across from each other. The two farthest South dressing rooms in one group and the two farthest to the north. Players are encouraged to use both rooms and spread out. 

7. Practices and Players must maintain social distancing when on the ice and in the dressing rooms.

8. There is one entrance, (the main entrance), and one door to be used as the exit (the canteen doors)

9. Players should stay in their dressing room until the ice is ready for them to go directly onto the ice surface.

10. There is a one spectator/player limit.  But ANY and all spectators is strongly discouraged.  Please encourage everyone to stay in their car.

11. There is an 8 person spectator limit in The VCCC building. 

12.  Please practice social distancing when in the lobby by using the available space. 

13. Players should use their own water bottle and fill it at home.

14. The canteen may be open for take out only.

15. There is an order window and a pickup window at the canteen.  When the canteen is open for take out there will also be online ordering available.

16. There is a $10’000 fine for commercial businesses that do not follow the Ministry of Health’s regulations plus a fine for victim compensation. These fines have been handed out to places that have had COVID transmission and they did not follow the regulations.